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ANDY WARHOL - New York, 1982 / 83, Dallas, 1986

I was fortunate enough to have two encounters with the fashionably late and questionably great Andy Warhol. Some people think he was a con and I don't blame them, but I always found him interesting and have always loved his art, and his amazing ability to maintain the public side of his existence for so long. * In '82 or '83, I went on a roadtrip to New York with my friends Prizeboy and Spoonhead. We were driving Spoonhead's black van through the slow crawl of night time Manhattan when a cab pulled up in front of us and stopped. Out of the cab hopped Andy f'n' Warhol! Immediately, people began screaming at him from all directions and he smiled and waved at everyone. He then walked between our van and the cab and looked in through our windshield. We all waved and yelled and he smiled real big, waved back, and went into a doorway. We all looked at each other in disbelief. You must realize that we were in a van, and that Andy was about 2 feet away from our window. The rest of the evening was just pointless; Pop History had glanced our way. * In late 1986, Andy did a book signing in Dallas for his just published book America, a collection of fairly dull photographs, at the new defunct Taylor Books. I stood in line for two hours. At one point, Mr. Warhol made his Entrance, with assitants and a film crew. They sat up a big camera and filmed the entire book signing. When it was finally my turn, I asked if he would like a free membership in my MR ED FAN CLUB. He blankly said, "Yes." I asked him if he would like a check for one million dollars. Not missing a beat, he replied, "Yes," as blankly as before. I asked if he would pose for a picture like salesmen do at their annual conventions while I presented him with the check. He actually smiled and said, "Sure." So we each held one end of the check for a million dollars and the girl behind me in line took our picture, and thank god actually sent a copy to me within a week. The camera man asked me questions about my encounter and so I told the story and he said, "That's a good Andy impression!" I just looked blank and said, "Thanks." What is REALLY cool is that after the pictire was taken, Andy autographed the check for a million dollars and handed it back to me. He then took my Andy Warhol art book and signed it four times. This is why, when people say bad or rude things about Mr. Warhol, I think to myself, "This person is saying something really, really stoopid." He died in February 1987, thus rendering Planet Earth a bit less interesting of a place to be. But I like the food.

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