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JIMMY PAGE: First Meeting, Houston 1985

I am proud to be able to say that I am friends with a person as fine and amazingly creative as Jimmy Page of...oh,
what the fuck was the name of that band. Anyway I was living with Faces bassist Ronnie Lane as his butler and personal assistant in early 1985. Jimmy came through Houston with his new band The Firm, and Ronnie and I went to the concert with our new friend Mark Bowman, a very good man who took many of the pictures you'll see on this site, including the one of Jimmy and I together. Jimmy had 4 seats reserved for us on the stage behind a bank of speakers, so we watched his entire performance from about 10 feet away. Yes, I took a camera. He sought out Ronnie backstage and suggested he come visit the following night at our apartment, which he did. My first words to him were, "Good evening Mr. Page, please come in, Mr. Lane is expecting you. My name is James." He snorted and said, "Yeh, mine too..." This began a friendship which has lasted over 20 years. We spent several hours together that evening, during which I spent most of the time listening to the two of them visit while occasionally injecting something pointless with a sporty posh accent. When I finally cracked him up, he spewed his drink and exclaimed to Ronnie, "Where'd ya get HIM?!?" Ronnie just grinned and said, "He's my butler. Ain't he great?" This was on or about March 21, 1985. I will have many stories about Pagey but you must remember his privacy must be honored at all times, so don't expect any great revelations here. He is absolutely genius-level smart in fields other than music, and funny beyond belief, qualities which may not be readily apparent in his public life, so it's been wonderful to enjoy those aspects of his personality. He's no angel but he's known a few and settled on one, the lovely Jimena, and she herself is another story for another time.

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