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When long time Led Zeppelin fan Bucks Burnett of Dallas, Texas was invited to see the recent reunion concert at the O2 Venue in London (he met and befriended Jimmy Page while serving as Ronnie Lane's butler in 1985), he knew he needed something special to wear to mark the occasion. So he sent out the call via e-mail pleading for help; he needed someone, anyone, to design and tailor a custom, one-off Houses Of The Holy suit, to represent his favorite Led Zeppelin album.

Riding to his rescue was Jessica Boettger , an Austin, Texas fashion designer whom he had met briefly in New York in 2003. Jessica devoted all of her spare time for the month before the show to developing and constructing the special Holy suit. So last minute was the delivery of the suit that Bucks picked it up from his local postal center in Dallas one hour before departing for London on Nov. 28th. "I didn't even have time to look at it -I just threw it into my suitcase and went to the airport. We had the unveiling 12 hours later in London, and I was thrilled. Jessica really came through for me, which is amazing, because we barely know each other. She believed in the project, and only charged me a small amount for the materials. What a wonderful person!"

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In London, Bucks debuted the Holy Suit aboard the Mercia boat, on the River Thames, which hosted the ABC Trust party held by Jimena Page, wife of Jimmy Page. "Brian May was on the boat" says Bucks "and he got a kick out of it, and actress Juliette Lewis said it was 'amazing’.” The boat transported the ABC patrons to the O2 Venue. The ABC Trust raises money to aid underprivileged street children in Brazil.

Inside the venue, other Zeppelin fans constantly stopped Bucks with questions about the suit, and requests for photos. "I had so much fun talking to people from all over the world about the suit, I missed all the warm-up acts. After the show I encountered Marilyn Manson, and we bonded because Houses Of The Holy is our favorite Zeppelin album."

Best of all, at the backstage party after the band's performance, Bucks spoke briefly with bassist John Paul Jones, who agreed to sign and date the sleeve of the suit, thus certifying it as being worn to the event. "It's the equivalent of having a five pound note signed by the Queen,' says Bucks, 'only better. I'll wear this in my coffin!" Bucks hopes to eventually get the suit signed by Page, Plant and Jason Bonham as well.

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Photographs by S.L. Burnett

Pictured: Bucks Burnett in his Houses Of The Holy suit.

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