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Music News as of January 21, 2008:

Let us now present the obligatory look back at the previous year's highlights, but let us do so in a forgetful manner accompanied by disarray.

Led Zeppelin reunited and Namedropper was there, in case you haven't heard. T Bone Burnett gave a rare live performance in Ft. Worth and Namedropper was there (see Walking The Blog). Rolling Stone magazine celebrated their 40th anniversary of being overrated. CD sales dipped even lower, and DVD sales got jealous and dipped as well, for the first time ever since the format's invention. Bob Dylan released his 48th best of collection, entitled Dylan, available in three different formats. Lez Zeppelin released a stunning debut of truly inspired, all girl Zeppism. Led Zeppelin made the cover of Rolling Stone, which has happened much less frequently than you might think. This was the first RS cover to include John Paul Jones. John Bonham is still an RS cover virgin.

Speaking of Virgin, Virgin Records has announced that they are closing their Manhattan Megastore. Having just visited their now pathetic Megastore in London, I can only say 'good riddance.' The London store was a ghastly nightmare full of reasons why people aren't going to stores anymore - hardly any CDs, and hardly any employees who knew anything about music. My new litmus test for music store employees is to ask for a Led Zeppelin CD. A shockingly high ratio of employees I recently encountered at Virgin and Best Buy had no idea who the band were. That's like somebody at McDonald's not knowing what a Quarter Pounder is. Maybe I'll try the new No Quarter Pounder. It's Zosooooo good!!

In Dallas, both Tower Records and Virgin Records are now gone, which means that a town of 2 million people does not have a decent, comprehensive music store to shop at. There are still a few good indie stores left in Dallas, and other towns, but the number grows smaller quite quickly these days. Enjoy the experience of buying an actual CD from an actual store while you still can, if it means anything to you at all.

2007 was the 40th anniversary of the Summer Of Love. Exploitation was thankfully light; there was a hideously named HippieFest tour featuring The Turtles and Country Joe, which we narrowly escaped attending. Maybe it's time for the Summer Of Like. 2008 marks the 40th anniversary of the White Album, a grand occasion indeed. And please note that The Beatles CD's, all released in 1987, have yet to be remastered. May not happen anytime soon, since EMI is laying off 2,000 employees this year.

The good news for the entertainment world is that the old 60's cartoon series George Of the Jungle is being revived on the Cartoon Network with all new episodes, while the original George is making his DVD debut. That simply rocks.

Thanks for reading, Bucks Burnett

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