Music News as of August 14, 2008:

After 41 years as an oversized publication, Rolling Stone magazine will finally convert to the traditional small size format beginning this October, in an effort to boost declining newsstand sales, although their subscription rate is at an all time high. Love 'em or hate 'em, it's the end of an era. From Rolling Stone to Skipping Pebble...

Also on the magazine front, MOJO, the UK music bible, is presenting the first of two issues honoring the 40th anniversary of The Beatles' White Album. The front cover design is in muted white with slight yellowing, in the spirit of the original album cover, but is marred by an abundance of cluttered text, and the inclusion of a photo of REM's Michael Stipe which is in full color, distracting attention from the barely visible Beatles. Try harder, gentlemen; excellence is just around the bend.

The increase in LP sales you've been hearing about is not hype; the nearly dead album format has made a stunning comeback over the past two years, and remains the only entertainment format (including DVD's) to enjoy a sales increase in 2007 and 2008. Strange times, indeed. Perhaps you can't download taste.

Lastly, your humble Namedropper editor is described as 'legendary' in the current George Harrison issue of the legendary UK magazine UNCUT, by none other than their omnipotent editor, Allan Jones. Cheers.

Bucks Burnett

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