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Our World as of May 16, 2007:

Ian Hunter, former front man for legendary English gods Mott The Hoople, released his latest solo album Shrunken Heads on May 15 on the seemingly flawless YepRoc label in America ( Unlike many artists who tend to curve downward in their post-supergroup solo careers, Ian just keeps getting better. Shrunken Heads is a vital and moving journey through one man’s emotional museum. The album boasts crunchy riff candy as well as tear provoking ballads. It’s only May, but we may already have the Album Of The Year. Ian has just raised the bar. Be sure to visit his fan-friendly website ( )

Dallas popster Salim Nourallah has a new solo album, Snowing In My Heart, coming out this July. Currently scheduled for European release only, our exclusive advance copy reveals a louder, punchier sound than his previous efforts. Several albums into a promising career, Nourallah has yet to disappoint.

In light of her upcoming stay in the old proverbial slammer, Paris Hilton has announced that she is changing her name to Paris Ramada.

Fresh off the success of his 2006 masterpiece Modern Times, Bob Dylan has released a new song on the Lucky You soundtrack. “Huck’s Tune” is among his finest songs, well worth the price of the CD. Who cares about the f’n’ movie.

Rolling Stone recently published their 40th Anniversary issue. Here’s to 40 more (days).

Elvis Costello has reportedly made a Lexus commercial. Can anyone confirm this? If so, let us pray that a benevolent god will soon engulf our world in flames.

T Bone Burnett, the other Coward Brother, is at long last releasing his masterpiece Warner Bros. albums, Trap Door and Proof Through The Night, on compact disc, just in time for the format’s demise. It will be a deluxe limited numbered edition of 5,000 copies, available online only at The choice is before you, greatness or folly; do not squander this valuable opportunity. And lest we forget, Warner Bros. Records dropped T Bone in 1983, shortly after he was named Songwriter Of The Year by Rolling Stone. Brilliant!!

Paul McCartney’s new album, Memory Almost Full, comes out June 5th on the Starbucks owned Hear label. Meanwhile, Sanka has reunited and has been signed by Sony-BMG.

The Beatles recently settled a lawsuit against their worldwide distributor, EMI, for $60,000,000 in unpaid royalties. And we wonder why they sign with beverage companies. By the way, their fabulous and slightly overrated LOVE album was recently released as a deluxe 2 LP vinyl edition. We at Namedropper feel the album plays it a bit safe, and refer to it as LIKE.

Lastly, the beloved Travelling Wilburys make a belated and bittersweet comeback on June 12th, via the Travelling Wilburys Collection on Rhino Records. The box set will contain the original two CD’s, Vol. 1 and Vol. 3, as well as a DVD featuring previously unseen footage of the making of the albums. The CD version will come in two formats, Regular and More Expensive, as well as an LP edition. Gentlemen, start your wallets!!

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