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Music News as of August 7, 2007:

Like a dog that keeps running under cars, The Music Business continues its free fall into a well deserved gruesome death. Sales figures released in July show a dramatic 15% decline in CD sales for the first six months of 2007. C'mon, kids, we can do it! However, it was also announced that new LP sales ROSE 5% in 2006, along with a quadrupling of turntable sales. Go figure skate.

Zep fans, circle your calendars (and be sure to draw a tiny feather inside each circle...). On November 13th, two exciting releases will make your wallet do the Money Yawn. The Song Remains The Same has been remastered and restored, to its original, complete running order, on both CD and DVD, and The Mothership will offer two CD's worth of greatest hits. Each release will also be available in deluxe editions designed to turn you into a drooling Zep Zombie. "Purrrchase...."

The reports are in and...The Police are putting on the dullest and most profitable reunion tour of the year. announced, as a news story, on July 20, 2007, that The Yardbirds are officially reuniting for an October tour featuring Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Sadly, Jeff Beck's manager announced in Billboard magazine that the news was based on mere rumors, and that the 'birds would not be flying. Hey, Mr. Rock Star Manager, Jann Wenner calls the shots around here, so tell your boy to start chompin' on Train Kept A' Rollin'. More magazines should take the Stone approach, and simply make up the news before it happens, thus creating a perfect fantasy world in which everyone reunites and lives happily ever after.

Movie News; let us get back to you on that one.

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