Types of free slot machines

Whatever online slot machine that you can imagine to do your judi slot online has a free version. The only notable exception is with the progressive jackpot game due to its nature. The progressive jackpot normally increases using small percentages of each of the bets that are placed and thus, impossible to offer a free version of the same.

The following is a list of the various types of free slots that you can be able to play while online plus a small explanation about what it is all about:

3-reel slots for free

It refers to the traditional slot machines which have 3 spin reels and a single pay line. The three reel slots are believed to have the best percentage when it comes to the payback in the casino, but at times they tend to be very boring when you try comparing them to some other games for slot machine which are currently in the market.

5 reel slot machine

They are the type of games which have multiple pay lines and five reels. They do feature all types of whistles and bells such as scatter symbols, bonus games, and wild symbols.  You will have a lot to make the playing of the slots fun and entertaining.

Video slots

All the slot machine games online are known to be video slot games by their default, even the 3 reel slot machine game. It is just that it is a phrase used in describing a slot machine which is played on a monitor of a computer of some sorts and it has spin reels which are animated instead of the mechanical reels.

3D slot machine games

It refers to video slots which have an image which is in 3D with sound effects. They are known to be the games which are most interesting visually nowadays as compared to the rest.

Story based slot machine games

They are the games which feature some sort of plotline and theme.  They are gaining popularity with time.